Why Wacù®

The smallest vacuum sealer in the world
Space saver bags

Zip It

Open the door to a whole new world

Zip open your bag and step into a new dimension. Tidily insert your clothes into the bag through the practical side opening. Zip the bag closed and get ready for Wacù® to take care of the rest.

Vacuum packing clothes in a click

Click It

Maximum Space, minimum stress

Just click to say goodbye to stress and clutter once and for all. Just click for Wacù® to take care of all your clothes and accessories. When the light comes on, the revolution takes off.

Easily remove air using our vacuum pump

Woom It

Power Vacuum

Practical, powerful and easy to handle. Just connect the adapter and watch Wacù® vacuum the air right out of the bag. No need to leave anything behind from now on, because your new ally gives you extra capacity in your suitcase, vacuuming away all your worries. Compress the contents of your luggage in a flash and you’re ready to take off, whatever your destination.

Zipped up space saver bag Wacù®

Lock It

Extra freedom, extra security

Travelling with Wacù® is easy, relaxing and secure. Because the bag is zipped up, you can be sure no-one has been rummaging through your things in the airport, or to take action if they have. Wacù® is ready to put everything back in perfect order, even away from home.

clean clothes separated by dirty in your suitcase

Clean It

Order generates order

When it’s time to pack up again, we’re always afraid of taking clutter back home with us. The Wacù® system allows you to separate clean clothes from dirty, so you can keep the former fresh and avoid having to stick everything in the washing machine. All your new purchases and souvenirs for your friends will be conveniently protected too, ready to be handed over.

Portable vacuum machine

Bring It

Bring the revolution with you

Wacù® is a compact way to create extra space. Just take it out of the little pocket you packed it in, so you can relax right until you get back home.